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"I just wanted to thank you for the help we got out of your cruising guide, it certainly made my life easier!!"
Gordon Percy
Captain of 57.5m
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"Wow its amazing! well done to you, its nice to see some one doing something properly!   Myself and my brother are surfers so your high res images of the passes are perfect for looking for surf." Bevan Carr

Captain of superyacht MY Suri

"The Rocket Cruising Guide to New Caledonia is the most unsurpassed guide I have ever used."

Neil Anderson, Captain of the 173ft luxury adventure yacht MY Suri

MY Suri

New Caledonia Weather and New Caledonia Tides

Here's how to do a Quick Weather Analysis for New Caledonia

1. Check todays satellite analysis chart

2. Check the local Meteo France marine forecast. ( the table gives the tides, too).

3. Check an animated 10 day overview of the weather.

This amazing global weather animation gives you an instant overview of the winds, wind gusts, temperature, pressure, clouds, rain, low clouds, humidity at the surface and elevations up to 13.5km high for 10 days. If you click on the Play arrow on the bottom left you will see the animated weather systems move through the next 10 days. Or click on a day and time to stop the animation then. Click on a location for deails of that location including graphs of wind, temperature, rainfall, sunset and sunrise.You will love this site no matter where you are on the planet.

4. Check the 7.5 day NAVGEM and GFS forecasts. Ignore google's joke (it does not trust the US Dept. of Defence) Select the button for the precipitation and sealevel map loop and while it is loading right click on the "compare GFS Oceania" link on the top left of the loop page and select open in new tab. Then you can compare the 7 day forecast using two supercomputer models..

5. Wind grib animations The Meteo France wind grib animation is normally more detailed and accurate than their Marine Forecast or the Windyty animation, but only provides wind gribs for two days. Use this to fine tune your day sailing in the lagoon.

6. Radar animation For a quick look around to see rain coming your way in the next few hours. For example before you hang out the laundry to dry.

7. Get the latest SW Pacific Satellite image. Except for the Radar, the rest of the weather information is computer generated constructs. The image is your reality check.

8. Satellite image animation Gives a good idea of weather system movements near New Caledonia. But the Wind animation is much easier to understand in terms of winds.

9. MetBob The Bob Blog provides insight into cruising weather in the South Pacific. Bob is based in New Zealand and his blog will give you a heads up on the science behind what's happening with the weather. He also provides route planning information to yachts sailing the South Pacific.

Long Range Weather Forecasts

for planning passages (click this link for tips on long term weather window forecasting).

Weather Forecasts for Passage making from Predict Wind.

The following links are listed in order of sites I find provide the most accurate long term predictions.

US NAVY Aus/NZ area - NAVGEM Model
(You can now compare maps from two global models from each day's map page).
US NAVY Aus/NZ area - GFS Model
US NAVY public website
US NAVY tropical cyclone center

Online Weather for Aus/NZ
UK Online Sailing weather (wind gribs for a week)

Multi-models on Weatherzone (7 models+ special Australian model).

WindFinder Noumea
WindFinder Noumea Area Local Winds and Weather

GFS 10 day sea level animated loop
NOAA Wind and Wave Forecasts
IGES 144hr 6 day forecast Aus/NZ 7 day sailing forecast from NZ

Short term Weather Forecasts

The best quick look at the current weather (in addition to looking outside).

Latest IR satellite image - Fiji updated every hour on the half hour.

New Caledonia Weather forecasts

New Caledonia Meteo
Marine 5 day forecast
Lagoon Forecast
Wind forecast animations
Weather Chart
4-7 Day Forecast (in French)
Noumea Weather
Satellite image animation
Cyclone track

Fiji Meteo
Fiji Meteo - good cyclone tracking map.
Fiji Satellite Images - the best central pacific satellite images
6AM Fiji Time IR satellite image today

Australia Meteo
Australian Meteo Marine Services
Aus Satellite Images
Mean Sea Level Chart
High Seas Forecast
Severe Weather - Excellent site
4 day forecast charts

New Caledonia Tide Tables

New Caledonia Noumea Tide Tables and Moon Calendar for planning your cruises

New Caledonia Media Weather

Noumea FM Radio Weather
(89 FM) 05:58, 14:58

TV Weather Tele Nouvelle Caledonie -before and after the evening news.

New Caledonia VHF Radio Weather Schedule -

Times: 06:30, 09:30, 15:15
CH 16 then change to

  • CH 23 Ouvea
  • CH 24 northern Grande Terre,
  • CH 25 Kafete, Isle of Pines
  • CH 26 Noumea, Lifu
  • CH 28 central Grande Terre
  • CH 82 Isle of Pines
  • CH 87 Mare


The Nautical Rocket Guide to Vanuatu

Information on 140 anchorages plus a host of useful information on Vanuatu, the weather, and yachting in the South pacific.

Click here for more about the cruising guide to Vanuatu

The Rocket Guide to Vanuatu

A comprehensive travel planner to Vanuatu - the companion to the nautical version of the Rocket Guide - has information on all of Vanuatu's tourism attractions, activities and facilities. (included with the Vanuatu Cruising Guide package).

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The Rocket guide to New Caledonia

A comprehensive travel planner to New Caledonia- the companion to the nautical version of the Rocket Guide - has information on all of New Caledonia's tourism attractions, activities and facilities (included with the New Caledonia Cruising Guide package).

Click here for more information on the Rocket Guide To New Caledonia


Call Richard 87 95 63 to purchase the guide directly from the author or purchase the guide from Chloe at Yacht Agent Noumea Ocean Services- her phone number, email and location are on the Noumea Ocean website.

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Cruising Guide to New Caledonia DVD

Order the Cruising Guide to New Caledonia on DVD

Includes the companion Activity and Travel Guide.
Works on Windows (XP or later) and MacIntosh (OSX 10.7 or later).

This is an excellent gift for someone who plans on cruising, chartering, surfing, kayaking or diving in New Caledonia.

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DVD Windows and Mac

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€145 air mailed to a transient address
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DVD nautical guides to New Caledonia and Vanuatu

Special 4 Guide set:

Cruising and Travel Guides to Vanuatu and New Caledonia

If you are also planning to cruise Vanuatu, we have a special offer for all 4 guides that includes the New Caledonia cruising and tourism guides plus the latest Nautical Rocket Guide to Vanuatu and it's companion Travel Guide to Vanuatu.

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