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SY Palmyra Review

"It's the most amazing cruising guide we've ever seen."

Nathan Tuke
Captain S/V GLISS

SY Palmyra Review

"An awesome piece of work! Very impressive!."

Corneel Vandelanotte
SV Palmyra

MY Suri

Greg Palmer Espiritu Santo

I have been using the Rocket nautical guides for New Caledonia  and Vanuatu for several years and they are the most complete, user friendly cruising guides I have ever seen. I have found them to be very accurate and there is more good information than I have found in any other cruising guides.

Greg Palmer
Captain MY Espiritu Santo

Espiritu Santo

Beagle V

The Rocket cruising guides for New Caledonia and Vanuatu are unlike any other guides I have used. They are very quick & easy to navigate around. They are full of all the usual information that a guide has but with added bonuses of Aerial pictures of the anchorages, Underwater shots of the marine life at that location, 360 degree images of the area that you are visiting and lists of "things to do" when you get there- you know exactly what to expect when you arrive safely at your destination. I highly recommend these guides.

Nick Baldwin

beagle V sailing

Gypsy Hawk

"We returned with the Port2Port rally from Luganville with stops at Huon and Chesterfield Reefs. The whole trip was tremendous - New Caledonia, Vanuatu and the sailing exceeded expectation. We will be back. Both your cruising guides were fantastic and we could not imagine cruising these areas without them.

Before we go again I will be in touch to see about updates to the guides.

Thanks for the enormous effort you have put into these guides - it shows. "

Alan Grimsley
SV Gypsy Hawk


"Wow its amazing! well done to you, its nice to see some one doing something properly!   Myself and my brother are surfers so your high res images of the passes are perfect for looking for surf" Bevan Carr

Cruising Guide New Caledonia,
Guide des mouillages Nouvelle Calédonie


This high speed, interactive electronic cruising guide, updated in 2014, works on Windows and Macintosh computers. It is possible to use the guides on Android and Apple tablets in conjunction with a notebook (see tablet set up information here.)

Here are 5 good reasons you should buy this Cruising Guide.


Here is what's on the Nautical Guide to New Caledonia

  • 60 photo charts created from Space or Aerial photos of all of New Caledonia, including the Recifs de Entrecasteaux, the Loyalty Islands and the Isle of Pines.
  • 980 full color photos of anchorages, approaches, points of interest, coral reefs, beaches, including 360° and Virtual Reality Sphere images of New Caledonia's lagoon.
  • 212 anchorages with razor sharp, survey quality aerial photos - includes every practical New Caledonia anchorage, including an overview, depths and navigational aids, sailing directions with GPS routes and approach photos, GPS positions of the best anchoring locations with photos of the anchorage and points of interest that often include virtual reality images of the beaches, coral reefs, and scenic overviews.
  • 237 GPS verified routes in .gpx format and sailing directions between anchorages, including ocean passes, navigation through the lagoons of New Caledonia and anchorage-to-anchorage routes for day-hopping around all of New Caledonia. Import the .gpx routes into OpenCPN or MaxSea.
  • A program to upload the routes to your GPS or convert the routes to a format that your plotter can import. (Note: this is on the Windows version only).
  • Ocean Routes to and from New Caledonia with tips on passages and weather windows.
  • The location of lights, markers, leads and buoys with lights that flash with the correct sequence and timing and the distance covered by the lights shown on the satellite and aerial photos.
  • List of all the official French hydrographic charts.
  • Ports of Entry, Customs, Quarantine, and Visa information.
  • Weather information on New Caledonia.
  • Critical health information, including information on dangerous marine animals and recommended treatments..
  • Marina information.
  • Where to buy supplies, repair facilities and services of all kinds - from sails to cooking gas.
  • Radio Communication services.
  • Mobile phone, Internet and TV reception (or lack of it) in every anchorage.
  • Jump from one photo-chart to the next by clicking on the edge in the direction you want to go.
  • Check on swinging clearance in anchorages with our Swinging Radius Gauge.


We created this guide to make your cruising in New Caledonia safer and more fun.

Over the past 9 years our Cruising Guide to Vanuatu available from has been hailed as the best cruising guide ever produced. Well, even though we've continually upgraded the Vanuatu guide, this one is even better.

We did a preliminary cruising guide to New Caledonia on CD ROM in 2001 in association with the producer of the well known Cruising Guide book that has been sold in New Caledonia for years.

But, when we started using the guide ourselves, we quickly discovered it had many problems.

The biggest problems with the first guide - and the cruising book - were:

  1. The book, and our digitized version of it, did not show you how to get into many anchorages, let alone navigate between them.
  2. It was difficult to find the anchorage or information you were looking for.
  3. The sketch maps often had little resemblance to the real world.
  4. The GPS waypoints (usually of just the anchorage location with no points of approach) were taken from old charts and were not WGS84 compliant. Put these coordinates into your GPS and you'll be anchoring on reefs, in the middle of islands, or out in the ocean. The charts the original authors used for the waypoints had IGN72 and even older geodesics - but there is no indication of which version of which charts were used so it is impossible to apply a correction. Some of the waypoints used in the book from the NE part of Grande Terre were taken from charts done in the 1800's with the prime meridian through Paris, not Greenwich, England - and are almost a degree of longitude wrong.
  5. There were very few photographs showing approaches to the anchorages.

We withdrew the preliminary CD-Rom version of the book as soon as we discovered these problems. If you are unlucky enough to have one of the old guides please update to the new version. In fact, we have made huge changes in the good versions of the guide and you are encouraged to update to the latest version for the most recent additions, corrections and changes.

To see the difference between the Cruising Guide to New Caledonia book and our completely new Nautical Guide to New Caledonia click here.


Cruising the South Pacific for more than 35 years

cruising the south pacific

Frederique and I have been cruising the south Pacific aboard our 44' Cutter Moira since 1976. We first came to New Caledonia in 1981 and have made over 40 blue water passages between New Caledonia and other countries (Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa).

As a Ph.D. marine scientist, I worked on environmental and resource issues throughout the South Pacific for over 20 years and was especially active in the development of interactive Geographic Information Systems using aerial and satellite photography.

I have contacts with NASA, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the government information and survey departments in many of the Pacific islands and we have worked closely with the key departments of the New Caledonia and French government agencies, including the Direction des Infrastructures de La Topographie et des Transports Terrestres (D.I.T.T.T.) Bureau de la Cartographie and the Service Phares et Balises, the CenNational d'Etudes Spaciales (CNES) and the Service des Methodes Administratives de l'Informatique (SMAI).

After our experiences reality testing the existing cruising guides, Freddy and I decided to produce the most advanced, most user friendly, and most accurate cruising guides ever created - based on satellite and aerial imagery and advanced geographic information systems.

We did Vanuatu first.

Years in Production, with complete background research.

We started production on the Cruising Guide to New Caledonia in 2002. Over several years we obtained high resolution satellite and aerial photographic coverage of every meter of New Caledonia's fabulous coastline, bays, creeks, and coral reefs. We modified these extensively to produce clear, highly accurate photo-charts that you won't find anywhere else.

We personally and thoroughly explored and surveyed the anchorages aboard our 44' cutter, Moira. On most of the anchorages we plotted the depths using a combination depth sounder and GPS that fed geo-referenced depth contours right into our computer. These surveys covered areas that nobody has surveyed before because most hydrographic surveys were done for commercial shipping, not for little boats like ours. Critical details that you'll need to know about in shallow anchorages were never properly surveyed, especially in out of the way areas of little or no commercial importance. (And very little of this information is available on the latest electronic maps either).

We analyzed the all the existing French, British and American pilot books and hydrographic charts and discovered some of the charts for remote parts of New Caledonia are very hard to find, some are outdated, almost all have outdated geodesics, there is very little detailed information of anchorages suitable for yachts. The charts now cost over US$50 each.

We compared the exquisitely done older charts with the modern ones, and charts of differing scales with each other and with our own test soundings and real-time GPS positioning. We checked with the service that installs and maintains the lights and markers for the latest navaids and subscribed to the New Caledonia Notices to Navigators. We talked with other cruisers about their experiences and issues while cruising New Caledonia.

We designed and programmed the Nautical Guide ourselves to be certain the guide would be easy to use - even if you barely spoke French or English. Our goal was to enable cruisers to find any information they looked for in two clicks. We also took all the photographs.

From 2008 to 2010 we re-visited, re-surveyed and re-photographed 212 anchorages in New Caledonia and personally created 225 GPS routes to guide you around this fabulous south Pacific cruising area.

The result is unlike any other cruising guide in the world; it is quick, easy to use, and has such a wealth of information it is unlikely you would ever see it all.

A Companion Tourism Guide

Rocket Guide to New Caledonia

When we introduced the Cruising Guide to Vanuatu in 2002. It was a great success and within a year almost every boat arriving in Vanuatu had a copy of our guide.

The tourism offices of the governments of Vanuatu and New Caledonia were so impressed with the cruising guides they asked us if we could produce a similar guide covering all the things to do, places to stay and general points of interest for tourism in these countries. Sort of like a cruising guide for travel agents so they could become familiar with the tourism products they sold.

In cooperation with the Vanuatu and New Caledonia tourism offices we produced the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu and then the Rocket Guide to New Caledonia. We distributed 40,000 copies a year of our tourism guides to travel professionals and travellers from around the world.

When you buy the Cruising Guide to New Caledonia you'll also receive the Tourism version as well - an encyclopedia of information about visiting every part of New Caledonia. Between the two guides you'll be able to plan your voyage to New Caledonia as if you had already spent several years cruising in New Caledonia.


Over a decade after we started, we bring you the ultimate cruising guide - the 2014 Nautical Rocket Guide to New Caledonia.

The Nautical Rocket Guide to New Caledonia lets you see exactly where every anchorage is with satellite and aerial views.

It provides over 250 validated GPS routes to go between one anchorage and the next and instructions for navigating in the lagoon and through the many passes in the barrier reef. The GPS points have been triple-checked and the routes are in GPX formats that can be imported into most modern plotters and plotting programs. The routes can also be uploaded directly to your GPS to give you SUGGESTED guide points for routes and anchorages (The photo charts and GPS waypoints are NOT intended to substitute for official charts and you will have to agree to use the information as a non-guaranteed general guide. Prudent mariners must always cross check their navigation with all available sources and keep a careful watch.).



Point to the cover to see the DVD

This detailed information on routes and anchorages throughout New Caledonia will make your cruising experience in New Caledonia safer, more interesting, and more fun.

Our guide has everything you need to know about cruising in New Caledonia including detailed information on ports of entry, clearance formalities, weather, making passages to and from New Caledonia, tides, aids to navigation, official listing of marine charts, fuel, yacht services, communications, health, parks and reserves, tips for safe navigation and anchoring in coral reef environments, dive spots, beaches, treks, and other points of information.

The Nautical Rocket Guide works on Windows XP to Windows 8. The Macintosh version works on OSX 10.7 or later (yes it works on Mavericks).

You CAN use our guides on your tablet -

Details for using the cruising guide on a Windows 8.1 tablet

The guide does not run directly as an app on Ipad or Android tablets but you can use these with WiFi and your notebook:

Tutorial on how to set up your Ipad or Android Tablet using Splashtop and Connectify..

There is absolutely no other way you can get this kind of high quality information about cruising and touring New Caledonia.

If you already have the old paperback Cruising Guide to New Caledonia book and want to see a comparison between the Cruising Guide to New Caledonia book and the new Nautical Guide to New Caledonia Click Here.

We also offer a DVD that includes the Nautical and Tourism guides for both New Caledonia and Vanuatu. With this set of 4 guides you will have access to detailed information on cruising from Ile des Pins in the south of New Caledonia to the Torres Islands in the north of Vanuatu.

To see Screen shots of the guide (reduced in size and clarity to make them faster to download) Start Here.

For information on how to use the cruising guide, Click Here


If you are in Noumea!

Call Richard 87-95-63 to purchace direct from the authors or

Purchace the guides from:

Yacht Agent Noumea Ocean Services, second Kiosk from the Bout du Monde in Port Moselle Marina. Call first to make an appointment with Chloe. The telephone number is on the Noumea Ocean website.


Order your cruising guides on DVD

Terms of sale and privacy statement.

New Caledonia Cruising DVDOrder a DVD with the Windows and MacIntosh Programs for the Nautical Rocket Guide to New Caledonia and the Tourism Rocket Guide to New Caledonia.

The programs require Windows XP or later or Macintosh OSX 10.7 to Mavericks.

This is an excellent gift for someone who plans on cruising, chartering, surfing, kayaking or diving in New Caledonia.

€125.00 includes air mail to your billing address or paypal address.

€145.00 air mailed to a transient address (eg. a marina or postal address in a country other than your billing address).

Allow 1 to 4 weeks delivery depending on your address.

DVD Windows and Mac

€125 air mailed to your billing or paypal mailing address


€145 air mailed to a transient address
Click Here

Cruising New Caledonia and Vanuatu DVDIf you are also planning to cruise Vanuatu, we have a special offer for all 4 guides that includes the New Caledonia cruising and tourism guides plus the latest Nautical Rocket Guide to Vanuatu and it's companion Tourism Guide to Vanuatu.

This option covers all the islands of Vanutu and New Caledonia, so you can plan your cruise in both these south Pacific destinations.

€210.00 includes air mail to your billing address or paypal address.

€220.00 air mailed to a transient address (eg. a marina or postal address in a country other than your billing address).

Allow 1 to 4 weeks delivery depending on your address.

DVD Windows and Mac

4 Vanuatu
+ New Caledonia Guides

€210 air mailed to your billing or paypal mailing address


€220 air mailed to a transient address
Click Here

Download Your Cruising Guide Right Now

If you really can't wait 3 weeks for the DVD or if you are in one of the Pacific Islands you can download the installation files right now but these are big files and the DVD is a lot easier.

First you will need a good fast Internet connection and you absolutely MUST install a download manager first or you will not succeed. You HAVE to use a download manager.
For Windows we recommend
For Mac users we recommend

The downloader assures the download will be uncorrupted. Many people who do not use a download manager have problems and waste their time and mine with download issues. In the end they use the download manager program and have no problem. So do it right the first time, please, the download manager program does not cost anything and will greatly speed up the download for you.

The links are only valid 48 hours so be ready to do the big downloads within 48 hours before making payment.

After payment you will be transferred to a page with installation instructions, download links, and importantly your username and password to log in to activate the guide..

At the same time you will also be sent a receipt for your purchase and a separate email with the links plus detailed installation instructions and your username and password for activation. You need that email to get the download and activation instructions and access to the online activation center.


Download for Windows XP or later

The installation file for the cruising guide to New Caledonia is 600MB and the companion Activity and Travel Guide is 727MB. Requires Windows XP or later - €125.00.

The download links are valid for 48hrs.

Windows Download

Download for Mac OSX 10.7 or later

The installation file for the Cruising Guide to New Caledonia is 558MB and the companion Activity and Travel Guide is 753MB. Requires Mac OSX 10.7 or later- €125.00.

The download links are valid for 48hrs.

Macintosh Download

Download the New Caledonia and Vanuatu Guides

Download for WINDOWS XP or later

The installation files for the 4 guides to Vanuatu and New Caledonia are 320MB, 569MB, 600MB and 727MB - €210.00

The download links are valid for 48hrs.

Windows Download Vanuatu + New Caledonia

Download for MAC OSX 10.7 or later

The installation files for the 4 guides to Vanuatu and New Caledonia are 318MB, 575MB , 588MB and 753MB - €210.00

The download links are valid for 48hrs.

Macintosh Download Vanuatu + New Caledonia


The Nautical Rocket Guides to both Vanuatu and New Caledonia are also available at the following locations:

Noumea Ocean Yacht Services in Noumea, New Caledonia,

Yachting World's Cyber Connect Cafe in Port Vila, Vanuatu

Kaleva SuperYacht Services in Port Vila, Vanuatu

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The guide needs to be activated on your computer - for details on activation click here